There is a lot of talk and articles being published about the possibility of Ovarian Cancer recurrences eventually becoming a manageable chronic disease,  I would like to know your thoughts on this subject.  I know  of 3 ovarian cancer research labs that are working fast and furious to make this happen.



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  1. I hear of great study at university of Pennsylvan for an ovarian cancer vaccine customized for your body with your tissue which is currently in its 5th iteration of clinical trial and I understand going well. Important detail one must follow: prior to hysterectomy or any tumor removal, check with them in advance and learn the essential requirement of “”. You may qualify for a trial vaccine to be created for you, but they MUST have your tissue stored in a specific format. My gynecological oncologist surgeon at Yale knew nothing of this opportunity and we did not follow the required protocol. Contact university of PA to get the detail PRIOR to surgery. Also not a fan of the Da Vinci robotic system, I would have gone for open laporatory ( had two bowel tears and c-diff infection. ) Also be aware that ovarian cancer stage 3 and 4 automatically qualifies you for your social security benefits, which can free you up for rest and research. I pray the vaccine is our solution.

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