Please tell us if you are dancing with NED now, or are in recurrence. I know there are many woman who would like to share their experiences with you.  So many women who are experiencing recurrence are having problems with blockages. Do any of you have any suggestion regarding foods that help you digest more easily?  If so please share!



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  1. Hello ricashealthy,
    Welcome to our blog. I will send the word out to all the survivors I am in contact with since our blog is so new, and we have to build our audience. We are so happy you reached out to us. I will email everyone and ask them to reply to your question. I do know that Avastin is being used quite a bit right now from what all the ladies I work with have told me. Lets hope you receive some answers.
    Thank you and much love to you,

  2. I have been with NED for 5 years after being diagnosed with stage IV, and my intestinal has been messed up since my surgery. I have found a really good system for myself, I steam ALL of my raw veggies, and then I put them in my Ninja blender and puree them, I do the same with my chicken and turkey. I make a pate out of the meat, I add seasonings and a can of stewed tomatoes to the meat and it is really delicious. I will write more later. I have a problem with minor blockages if I don’t eat this way. This has really helped. Good luck and let me know if you need any additional information. xoxo joan

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